Memorandum of Understanding between GEIDCO and MPEI


On the 25th April in Beijing the II Forum on International Collaboration ''Belt and Road'' took place. Alexander Tarasov was involved in the event from the MPEI part.

In the framework of the Forum the meeting was held with the Chairman of the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization, GEIDCO, Mr. Liu Zhenya.
''Belt and Road'' Forum is a high-scale event which assembles more than 5 thousand persons from 150 countries and 90 international organizations worldwide, including MPEI.

On the meeting of Alexander Tarasov with the representatives from GEIDCO the memorandum of understanding and further collaboration between MPEI and GEIDCO was signed.
Our University expresses its sincerest gratitude to organizers and participants of the ''Belt and Road'' Forum and GEIDCO, expecting the development of the fruitful further collaboration. ​​​​

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