MPEI becomes more and more popular as Kazakh students’ internship choice


Every year at MPEI students and employees from leading Kazakh universities do their internships, and the University is chosen more and more often by Kazakh youth. The list of the departments that gives these opportunities within the support of International Administration of MPEI is in relentless growth.

This semester, between 18th and 30th of November 2019, the internships for 12 Kazakh students from two groups of Bachelor and Master course of Kazakh National University of Al-Fahrabi were being held on the MPEI Department of Informational and Economic Safety of EEI. They had been offered 2 fields of study, "The use of information and analytical security in the energy sector" and "Standardization and certification of software".

The internship for both groups started with the tour round MPEI, acquaintance with Department of Informational and Economic Safety, and introducing lectures on History of Development of Information Technologies locally at MPEI and generally in the world, and on the Actual Threats to the Information Safety by professors Igor Krepkov and Anatoly Minzov respectfully. Both lectures interested the students and ignited their reaction.

The internship program included lectures, laboratory and practical work, master classes conducted by SIT department staff: associate professor Oleg Baronov, associate professor Sergey Ryzhikov, senior lecturer Roman Polyak, associate professor Sergey Petrov and associate professor Marina Raskatova. At the end of the program, the interns visited the annual event of the Engineering and Economics Institute "A Single Lesson in the Digital Economy", which was conducted by Nikolai Vladimirovich Unizhaev, professor at the IES Department. Students were pleased and grateful to all the teachers of the IES Department and International Administration Coordinator Irina Kulik, who organized the internship.


The internship was concluded by the ceremony of granting the MPEI certificates to students that was led by the Head of Department of IES, Igor Krepkov and its Assistant, Irina Kulik. The students shared their feelings, expressed their warm gratitude towards MPEI employees, and some of them showed interest to continue the education at MPEI.​​

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