MPEI develops collaboration with Indian universities


On the 28 January 2020, MPEI hosted a visit of Bhavesh Patel, a specialist of Kalol Institute of Technology and Research Centre, India.
In the framework of the visit the Institutes of our University were presented. After the meeting, the Head of the Department of Heat and Mass Transfer Processes and Installations Andrey Garyaev and the Head of Department of PhD-students and Trainees Natalya Savchenkova reported on the laboratories and research conditions of MPEI to the guest.
In the final protocol of the meeting the possibility of the mutual exchange of students was stated, as well as the participation of the Indian University undergraduates in the Master program of MPEI, and the signing of the mutual memorandum of consensus.

The Kalol Institute of Technology And Research Center is one of India's leading universities. It is recognized by the All India Technical Education Council as an institution that ensures availability of quality education to "young minds" for the acquisition of professional skills.

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