Development of cooperation with Universities of Poland


From February 2 to 9, 2020, coordinator of international academic programs Irina Kulik and professor Igor Krepkov, Deputy Head of Department of Security and Information Technologies, were visiting universities of Poland.

The delegation visited the University of Finance and Management in Bialystok (WSFiZ). The collaboration between MPEI and WSFiZ started in 2011. In its framework, the Universities have been exchanging student groups, participating in conferences, raising the qualification of the teachers. In 2016 a new stage of partnership between the Universities – the Erasmus+ program commenced. The subdivision KA1, short-term mobility, allows to carry out the academic mobility of students and teachers within the support of EU grants. The partners have also begun to work out the Double-Degree program for Bachelor students.

In frames of the visit the meetings with the WSFiZ Administration: First Vice-Rector Dr. Isabela Ambrozhej, Vice-Rector Dr. Anatoliusz Kopchuk, Rector assistant Artem Volkov, Dean of the Faculty of Economics Dr. Anna Ivasevich-Orlovska and a number of other officials.

During the meetings the cooperation for coming years was discussed, regarding the changes in the Polish education system and University structure. As well, the number of business questions upon the Erasmus+ realization were talked over. The study plans for launching the Double-Degree program in the field of Economic Security and Business Informatics for students were also discussed.

After that, the first official visit of representatives of MPEI to Bialystok University of Technology (BUT) occured. BUT is the largest technical university in Northeastern Poland. The University has been created in 1949, and is a modern and dynamically developing scientific and study center. Its seven Faculties embrace unite than 10 thousand Bachelor, Master and postgraduate students.


Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of civil and ecological engineering
Faculty of Power engineering
Faculty of Informatics
Faculty of Mechanics
Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Forestry

Bialystok University of Technology has the academic rights to award a doctorate in 7 areas: mechanical engineering, operation, construction, electronics, electrical engineering, computer science, environmental engineering, mechanics. The university cooperates with more than 120 academic centers in Europe and around the world. As a part of scientific and didactic contracts, scientists participate in national and international projects. The Erasmus + program is being actively implemented in two areas: KA1 - short-term mobility and KA2 - joint projects.

The campus is located in a picturesque place on a vast territory, which houses modern, sometimes in the new-art style, educational buildings equipped with modern equipment, research centers, specialized laboratories, conference rooms, recreation areas and comfortable hostels.

During the visit to BUT, MPEI delegation made the general acquaintance with the structure and infrastructure, study process and scientific research, material and technical base. The meetings with the Vice-Rector on scientific work professor Andzhej Sikorski and Vice-Rector on international cooperation Dr. Martha Kosiar-Kozberuk, Head of the Department for Education Quality, Dr. Professor of Electric Engineering Yaroslav Verdoni were held. The latter is the MPEI Alumnus, who defended his Ph.D. thesis in “Electrical Equipment” field in 1987 at the Department of Automated Electric Drives.
The reception was organized by the dean of the Faculty of Electric Engineering Dr. Miroslav Shwerz, Deputy Dean of this Faculty Dr. Boguslav Butrilo and the staff of the laboratories of electric power engineering, renewable sources and applied mathematics.

Based on the results of the meeting and negotiations, it was decided to conclude a cooperation agreement between MPEI and BUT, starting to develop interaction with academic exchanges of teachers for study visits, joint participation in conferences, seminars and establishing partnerships in the Erasmus + program in the KA1 directions (short-term mobility for students and teachers) and KA2 (joint projects).



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