V International Conference on Information Technologies in Engineering Education (Inforino 2020)


Source: Inforino 2020 Organizing Committee .

V International Scientific and Practical Conference "Informatization of Engineering Education (Inforino 2020)" was held at the National Research University "MPEI" on April 14–17, 2020 in Moscow, Russia. The conference addressed topical issues of information technologies in education, in engineering and scientific calculations, in experimental data processing, for organizing distant access to laboratory and industrial equipment, in the development of electronic resources and in distance learning in natural sciences and engineering disciplines. A separate section was devoted to to Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity. The conference was attended by participants from Europe, Asia and America.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, as well as in accordance with the recommendations of WHO, IEEE, regulations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia and the Moscow authorities, the Inforino 2020 Conference was conducted using distant technologies - all participants presented videos of their papers, and the plenary meeting was held in the format of video conference.

The Program Committee Chair Nikolay Rogalev, rector of the National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute", noted that the unusual format, in which the conference was held this year, fully corresponded to its spirit, thanked the participants for the extra efforts in preparing their presentations, and wished them successful work, establishing new contacts and good health in this not an easy time.
21-04-3.jpgThe plenary meeting was broadcast on Webex and YouTube (in English). The meeting was moderated by Konstantin Orlov, head of the Dept. of Theoretical Bases of Heat Engineering, Institute of Thermal and Nuclear Energy, Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI - Russia), Deputy chairman of the Organizing Committee.
The first to make a presentation "STEM Technology Education" was Valery Ochkov, professor of the Dept. of Theoretical Bases of Heat Engineering, Institute of Thermal and Nuclear Energy, MPEI.
Next presentation was made by Krzysztof Wesolowski, professor of the Poznan University of Technology (Poland) – "Problems and Challenges in Education in ICT at the Poznan University of Technology".
The presentation "VR Simulator for Power Industry Engineer Staff Trainings" was made by Ilya Simonov, Director of "CROC "Immersive Technologies" Company.
Andrey Chernetsov, associate professor of the Department "Applied Mathematics and Informatics", MPEI Institute of Information and Computational Technologies", presented "The Problem of Ensuring Cross-Border Personal Data Transfer and Methods for its Solving" drew attention to the security problems of cross-border transfer of personal data.
The plenary part of the conference was completed by the presentation of Evgeny Druzhinin, an expert at the Information Technologies Department of CROC, dedicated to cybersecurity in the energy sector.
All presentations made at the Plenary meeting of the conference met deep interest among the participants and a large number of questions addressed to the speakers.

Further the Conference continued in sessions:

  1. Industry 4.0, cybersecurity and engineering education​

  2. Software and Information support and software for engineering education

  3. IT in engineering calculations and design of industrial and energy facilities

  4. IT in educational, research and testing laboratories​

  5. Distant technologies and electronic educational resources in engineering education​

  6. Computer graphics and 3D modeling in engineering education

Inforino 2020 Conference was attended by lecturers, scientists and students of more than 40 universities and companies. Due to the high level of presentations and organization of the event, the conference is included in the list of IEEE conferences; papers in English that have been reviewed and presented at the conference will be submitted for publication in the IEEE Xplore electronic library and offered for indexing in international scientific citation databases.

International Conference on Information Technologies in Engineering Education

Inforino 2020 materials are available on the website inforino.mpei.ru/online .

The Sixth International Conference on Information Technologies in Engineering Education (Inforino) will be held in 2022.

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