MPEI took part in workgroup session of Consortium for Technical Education of Russia and Kazakhstan


18 February, 2021, the workgroup session of Consortium for Technical Education of Russia and Kazakhstan (CTERK) was held.
MPEI took part in the plenary session where possible directions of cooperation among the universities in the framework of CTERK were being discussed.

These are the basic goals of CTERK:

  • Augmentation of quality of technical professional education and research in Russia and Kazakhstan;
  • Consolidation of intellectual, personnel, informational and other resources in order to create proposals for optimization and perfection of the Consortium members and of Russia and Kazakhstan education systems;
  • Creation of the consolidated science and education medium, search and support of talented young researchers among graduates, postgraduates and teachers from Russia and Kazakhstan, development and realization of joint network educational programs;
  • Innovation development of Higher technical education involving organizations and combining efforts;
  • Assistance in realization of investment projects aimed at Consortium members development.

The scientific thematic field which consists of 6 basic groups that include the following directions has been formed:


  • Hydrogen power engineering
  • Nuclear power engineering
  • Extraction of CO2 from smoke gases


  • Renewable energy sources
  • Electric energy storage systems

Digital Power Engineering:

  • Monitoring of technical condition of substation equipment
  • Intelligent heating networks
  • Improving energy efficiency in oil production
  • Intensification of heat and mass transfer processes
  • Energy management
  • Reliability of power supply systems
  • Digitalization of enterprises in electric power industry

Elimination of sustained damage:

  • Resource-saving technologies for water treatment systems
  • Silent power plant

Digitalization of Higher education:

    Digitalization of education
  • Economics and Management in power engineering

Economics and Management of Energy

    Electric Chemistry
  • Progressive metals and processing technologies

MPEI takes part in all the workgroups.

The Consortium of Technical Education of Russia and Kazakhstan is a public organization that unites the technical universities of the two countries on a voluntary basis. It is an effective platform in the field of professional higher technical education that operates within the framework of the Intergovernmental Commission on Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan, particularly, in the subcommittee on Cooperation in Science and New Technologies. The Consortium unites 18 universities, including 12 universities in Russia and 6 universities in Kazakhstan.

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