Ambassador of Russian nuclear education Baldorzh Myagmargarav gives online-seminar "Students’ life in Russia"


31 July, 2021, at 10:00 (Moscow time) an online seminar “Student’s life in Russia” was held for applicants and students from Mongolia that were planning to study in the Russian Federation. It was carried out by Baldorzh Myagmargarav, MPEI student of Electrical Power Engineering Institute (IEPE), who had won the “Ambassadors of Russian Nuclear Education” contest.


She spoke about Russian nuclear education, and a special guest, Ekaterina Sysoeva, leading specialist of the MPEI Foreign Office, spoke about international cooperation and teaching foreign students at MPEI. The Dean of the Foreign Office Alexander Ankin participated in the meeting as well,  responding to the questions of Mongolian applicants about the form of study in 20201/2022 and admission rules. As well, Ambassadors from Turkey, Bolivia and Kazakhstan that study at MEPHI, TPU and SPbPU took their word.


The webinar was carried out in Russian with the translation into Mongolian. Applicants and students have received information of the cities where the Universities are located, the study in our country and all of the answers about life in Russia firsthand.

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