MPEI took part in events on Russian universities’ integration into international educational and scientific space


Representatives of MPEI took part in XIX Russian Conference and XXIX annual school-workshop “Russian universities’ integration into international educational and scientific space within regional issues”. This year the topic of the event was “National interests and issues of regional development in the system of Russian universities’ priorities”.


From 17 to 19 September in Anapa the XIX Russian Conference was being held. The main organizer of it was the RANEPA, acting in the framework of the State Contract ”Organization and conduct of additional professional education for managers and employees of international services of educational organizations”, with “Interobrazovanie” as a co-organizer. The event was attended byrepresentatives of leading Russian Universities. MPEI delegated to the conference its Vice-rector on international Relations, Alexander Tarasov, and the specialists of the Department of International Relations.


The program of the Conference included 2 plenary sessions with key reports and 4 thematic grounds. The event was lit up with the speeches of Vice-rectors of universities in charge of international cooperation, heads and specialists of international services of universities, as well as specialists in the field of global economics, strategic planning and use of intellectual resources, regional economics, information technologies in education, Russian as a foreign language and career centers


The reporters presented materials on Russian universities’ international work, sharing the experience of preparation and realization of International projects, academic mobility, partner relations with foreign colleagues, issues and challenges of perfectioning the international activities.

Representatives of MPEI presented 6 reports during the plenary session in the framework of the Conference’s thematic sections.

From 20 to 24 of September, the XXIX annual Russian School-workshop was held in the format of mutually agreed interactive interaction of the working groups. It was formed to develop a concept for the concentration of professional resources and create a system of continuity of professional knowledge and skills in a wide range of strategically important directions for the development of international activities of Russian universities. The concept of network models of promoting professional knowledge in universities in different Russian regions was discussed as well. From the MPEI part, the School-workshop was attended by the officers of the International Relations Department.

By the results of the events, the materials of the conference have been included in the National Electronic Library and Russian Science Citation Index.


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