MPEI meets Vietnam National University officials


5 November, 2021, Vietnam National University organized a meeting with MPEI in honor of the 71st anniversary of strategic partnership establishment and the 1st anniversary of creation of the Friendship Association between Vietnam and Russia on the basis of VNU.
Alexander Tarasov, Vice-rector on International Relations of MPEI, came with an opening word and a presentation on history and development of the MPEI and Vietnam cooperation.
VNU is the largest higher educational institution of Vietnam. MPEI and VNU fruitful cooperation has been lasting for more than half of a century, and some of its successful projects were realized, such as the realization of the project “Time to study in Russia” and the mutual educational program in English language in the field of “Computer Science and Computer Engineering”.

In accordance with the agreements discussed at the meeting, the project of Russian-Vietnamese Consortium of Universities of Digital Power and Industry development has started to be actively implemented.

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