MPEI conducts study in Syria in framework of Russian Education Resource Centers Abroad project


17 November, 2021, in the framework of Russian-Syrian scientific cooperation, Deeb Rawad, assistant of the Theoretical bases of Thermal Engineering Department, Institute of Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering, participated in the delegation of the Russian ministerial delegation and got an opportunity to deliver lectures in Al-Asseya private school in Damascus, Syria.

Daniel Nehme, Headmaster of the school, warmly welcomed the delegation of ministers and spoke about the history of the school.
Apart from lecturing, Mr. Rawad carried out the experiments on Physics for students of senior grades. Every class was divided into several groups, each group was given equipment for experiments in Physics, and once the experiment was done, students explained the scientific basis of the phenomena, showing good interaction with the teacher.

The Syrian students had also been told about the history of MPEI, its accommodation, lifestyle and events.
The goal of the Resource Center is to attract and train talented foreign applicants for studying in Russian universities, implement the programs of special subjects for students of special senior classes, raise the prestige of Russian higher education worldwide and increase the number of bright foreign students.

Read more about resource centers here. ​

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