MPEI holds an international conference dedicated to electron beam welding and adjacent technologies


From 16 to 19 November, 2021, MPEI hosted an International Conference "Electron beam welding and adjacent technologies".

The conference gathered delegates from more than 50 organizations: scientific and production enterprises, technical universities, plants, attestation centers, publishing agencies from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Pakistan, Mexico, Slovakia and China.

17 and 18 November, 40 delegates reported on different fields of electron beam use and adjacent ones, in-person and remotely. In the plenary reports the modern achievements and development tendencies of EBW technologies, as well as the state of the EBW equipment market in Russia and abroad were considered, prospects of EBW in avia engines modeling were examined and the project of Complex program of EBW technologies development taking their creation in Russia into account was offered.

The reports of the conference participants considered the tasks of modeling EBW processes, control of electron beam parameters, peculiarities of structure formation in electron beam welding and layer-by-layer surfacing, control of defects in welded joints using methods of acoustic emission, metal magnetic memory, ultrasonic diagnostics, as well as kinetic indentation to determine the mechanical properties of metal in local zones of welded joints. Attention was paid to EBW of dissimilar materials and additive technologies of shaping.

The work of the conference was carried out on a high scientific level. Reports of most interest are published in the "Welding production" journal and in IOP.

The conference materials are available here and on the MPEI Youtube channel.

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