MPEI successfully implements Solar Installator project


Since spring 2021 DGS Berlin (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie, German Society for Solar Energy) has been implementing an education project “Solar Installer” along with MPEI and University of Konstanz represented by Andrey Kirukhin, as well as the companies Eclareon GmbH and Ideas into Energy gGmbH.

The goal of the educational project Solar Installer is to assist in carrying out courses for instructors on planning and installment of the small solar power stations of the microgeneration segment.

From 29 November until 2 December 2021, on the base of the Institute of Hydropower and Renewable energy sources, MPEI, the first pilot training was carried out: theoretical and practical.
It is worth mentioning a considerable impact of the Head for Institute of Hydropower and Renewable Energy Tatyana Shestopalova and associate professor of the Hydropower Department Andrey Kirukhin made to the work of this educational project.

For the purpose of passing the practical part of the training, a laboratory of renewable energy sources (RES) was equipped at MPEI, which made it possible to visually demonstrate and provide education on the process of installing photovoltaic systems.
The structure of the training and the content of the training materials are taken from more than 15 years of experience in conducting similar training by DGS Berlin in Germany. Trained university professors will also be able to use these materials to introduce their students to solar energy course in the amount of 40 hours. As well, cooperation within the teachers of the "Solar Colleges" will be established so that they can receive the training practice and the materials.

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