Embassy of United Republic of Tanzania delegation visits MPEI


21 December, 2021, MPEI hosted a visit of the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania delegation.

MPEI Rector Nikolay Rogalev greeted the guests and spoke of the University's features that can improve the training of personnel for the power engineering branch of Tanzania.

In the framework of the meeting, the delegates were given a tour round the laboratories of the Institutes of Hydropower and Renewable Energy and of Electric Power Engineering.

At the Isolator Plant hall the guests were shown a presentation of MPEI by the MPEI officers. Afterwards, both sides discussed possible scientific and academic partnership in the framework of international educational projects being developed by MPEI.

Upon the results of the meeting the hope to strengthen the cooperation in preparing high-quality personnel for the Tanzanian power sector and the confidence in efficient collaboration in the future have been clearly shown by both partner sides.

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