MPEI continues to read lectures in Physics for resource centers’ students


Autumn semester courses started from considering such Physics branchesas Waves and oscillations and Alternating electric current. The lectures were conducted by Oleg Orlov, Phd-student of the Department Electric Power Systems Department . The students were given theoretical material, learned how to solve problems and found out how to apply the knowledge received. 

Next lessons were dedicated to the revision of the topics studied in the previous half-year, as it was demanded by the foreign teachers. This allowed the students to prepare for the examination in an efficient way.

The leaders of the Young Power Engineer School offered some career training for the students of the resource centers.

The first one examined the Thermal Engineer work, and on it students considered the Heat Transfer basics , carried out a few experiments and got acquainted with the main scheme of the TPP.

The second one gave knowledge on Light Engineering. Students learnt about the properties of the light waves, methods to acquire colour, and use of these ideas for a specialist in the field of light stations design. As well, future engineers conducted the experiments to receive spectrum and to combine and divide colours.

The third career training session was dedicated to hydraulic pressure. It included several experiments followed by a discussion on the related professions for the next generation of MPEI applicants. 

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