Radio-electronic industry engineers hold talks on collaboration with MPEI


14 March, 2022, the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics (IREE)  at MPEI conducted a work session "University and Radio-electronic industry" in a mixed format. The event gathered representatives of leading Russian companies-developers and producers of electronic equipment and software: NPO Angstrem JSC, NPO Orion JSC, NPP Istok named Shokin JSC, MTS PJSC, military unit, Moscow Technical School, Global Systems LLC, ECB MPEI JSC, MacroKB Association NPO and others.

The delegates discussed the ways how industrial organizations can interact with MPEI to attract best graduates systematically.

The moderator discussion moderator was Roman Kulikov, Head of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics at MPEI. The representatives of IREE offered reports on history, infrastructure, and capacities of the Institute to train highly competent personnel for the Russian Radio Engineering industry.

During the talks Mr. Kulikov described possible mechanisms of the University interaction with branch enterprises, such as: open doors days, tours for undergraduates, work practice, part-time work, basic departments creation, internships, training and retraining, employer-funded admission and training, educational branding, sponsorship, innovations and their applications, Alumni clubs, scholarship projects etc.

In the near future, in the framework of the government program, it is planned to create a radio electronics cluster that can become a basic ground for realization of different ways of interaction between industry and university education to attract best students systematically.

The discussion members considered an alternative approach to the Master studies organization based on the training of specialists in experimental construction that do not need much guidance when employed. One of the examples of the approach is an MPEI pilot project Advanced Engineering schools under the governmental aegis.

At the end of the session, the delegates talked over the conduction of the Radio Electronic Festival that will be dedicated to advanced segments of Russian Radio Engineering and Electronics and popularization of the engineering specialty in this field.

All the interested ones are welcome to this event at MPEI on 15 and 16 April, 2022.

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