Nikolay Rogalev conducted work meeting of Power Engineering council of CIS and Belarus Ministry of Energy


5 July, 2022, Nikolay Rogalev, MPEI Rector, assisted by Alexander Tarasov, Vice-Rector on International Relations, and Anastasia Mashkova, Director for Integration Policy, took part in a session of CIS Power Engineering Council, that was carried out in Minsk, Belarus. The meeting was opened by Viktor Karankevich, Belorussian Minister of Energy.

The meeting was dedicated to prospects of collaboration development in the field of personnel training for the electric power engineering branches, sharing experience, education programs enhancement and digitalization of education.

MPEI Rector reported on personnel potential development and realization in the CIS Power Engineering field, taking MPEI continuous power engineering personnel support as a model, thus showing that our University is a basic organization for the CIS in training, retraining and skill improvement in the domain of Electric Power Engineering. He also gave an insight on the formation of scientific experts’ Society as an organization joint to the CIS Power Engineering Council that will help to develop the scientific branch potential of the CIS. The Society includes leading specialists and experts of the academic and energy fields of Belarus, as well as key organizations of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Development of the full-scale branch educational integration on the governmental level is one of the important strategic goals in scientific and technical progress nowadays. For an effective cohesion in enhancing the young specialists’ potential, as well as the experienced ones and the ones who lead the branch organizations in the power engineering fields of Russia and CIS, MPEI can be seen as a role model of a higher academic institute that has a complex of resources and high-quality teaching staff that are demanded internationally. I am sure that the consolidation of our efforts aimed at the CIS power engineering branch progress will be a boost for the modernization of innovation potential of the Union.

In order to develop the interstate partnership, the session gathered Heads of the training centers of large energy corporations such as Rosatom and Rosseti that actively implement joint projects with MPEI, as well as Heads of the Institutes with adjacent study profiles attended the sessionl. 

At the conclusion of the international visit, the MPEI delegation and other participants of the session visited the Belorussian National Technical University - a basic organization of the CIS in the field of higher technical education. Its Rector, Sergey Kharitonchik expressed high hopes for the efficient strategic planning and achievement of the goals declared.

The main topic for the discussion with the Belorussian partners were the issues for cooperation development in the field of the personnel training and creation of a CIS expert base. MPEI Rector Nikolay Rogalev spoke on possible joint projects with Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU), and its Rector presented a roadmap for collaboration between BNTU and the Belarus Ministry of Energy. During the meeting, the parties underlined the main directions of development and experience exchange, and outlined plans for the development of joint educational programs, organization of internships and interaction between repositories.

On 4 July, the MPEI delegation visited the Belarus State Technological University. Its staff welcomed the guests and its Rector spoke on the project design and applied activities of the university in the fields of energy, ecology, labor protection and technosphere safety. The meeting was also attended by Alexander Tsiganov, First Vice-Rector of BSTU, Sergey Shetko, Vice-Rector on Scientific Work, and Andrey Sakovich, Vice-Rector on Study Work, who presented scientific, technical and innovation projects of BSTU.

By the results of the discussion of collaboration prospects for the sides in the fields of study and R&D work, an agreement between MPEI and BSTU on development of mutual cooperation, joint personnel training system improvement and experience exchange was signed.



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