Chinese MPEI students visited Konakovo Power Station


4 July, 2022, a group of Chinese MPEI students visited one of the largest power plants in Central Russia, Konakovo Power Station (Konakovskaya GRES). The students got acquainted with the work of the state district power station and also talked with the employees of the power plant.


An excursion was organized for the students to the turbine and boiler shops and the museum of Konakovskaya GRES, as well as an overview of open switchgears (220kV, 330kV, 500kV), the transformer complex and the control panel unit. At the GRES museum, students not only got acquainted with the history of its development, but also left their wishes for the future in a memorial book.

The construction of the Konakovskaya GRES began in 1962, and already in 1969 all eight power units were put into operation. The GRES is located on the banks of the Ivankovo reservoir in Konakovo, Tver Oblast, Russia. Konakovskaya GRES was built for the needs of Russia, where the party and the government had decided to develop the electric power industry at a faster pace. The station gave a tremendous boost to the development of Konakovo, various industrial enterprises began to be built here.


The scale of Konakovskaya GRES is amazing. The giant of the Soviet power industry, Konakovskaya GRES regularly supplies electricity to enterprises and households in Central Russia. From a distance, Konakovskaya GRES looks like a large three-masted ship. Masts are high chimneys, and high-voltage wires act as cables.

The equipment of Konakovskaya GRES is a complex system consisting not only of turbines and generators, but also of boilers, gas and steam pipelines, various control and regulation equipment.

Today Konakovskaya GRES is the 8th thermal power plant in the country in terms of capacity (Thermal power is 120 Gcal/h). The total installed capacity of the station today is 2520 MW.

The knowledge gained during Konakovskaya GRES tour will help MPEI students in their further education.


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