TV BRICS report on MPEI participation in the University Alliance of the Silk Road


In September 2022, the international network TV BRICS filmed a report on the participation of MPEI in the University Alliance of the Silk Road.

The University Alliance of the Silk Road has been active since 2015, helping universities develop cooperation in the field of education. Today, the Alliance includes more than one and a half hundred members, including MPEI. At the same time, our university is a member of the Executive Committee of the Alliance.


Sergey Shirinsky, Head of Department of International Relations, noted that many Chinese universities are long-term MPEI partners, which helps to actively cooperate with China in the framework of summer schools, forums, conferences, webinars and student exchanges.

In recent years, the most interesting element of cooperation with China has been the exchange of students within the framework of a joint educational program between MPEI and North China Electric Power University (NCEPU), which provides to receive receipt of two diplomas. The program started in 2018, the first graduates of the program are now participating in the master's program at MPEI and other universities. Chinese students study the first 2 years of a coordinated bachelor 's program at two NCEPU campuses in Beijing and Baoding , while simultaneously studying Russian in China. An MPEI staff member is sent to China to teach the Russian language to students of the joint program. The best students get the opportunity to continue their education at MPEI. The result of the successful development of the program is the receipt by students of two diplomas by MPEI and NCEPU.

Currently, more than 100 students from China are studying at MPEI. They choose MPEI due to the wide range of technical specialties offered by the university, and hope for great prospects for further development in the chosen areas.

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