MPEI students at the round table "Youth Communities as a Catalyst for Global Processes" as part of REW-2022


14 October, 2022 as part of the business program of the VI International Forum "Russian Energy Week - 2022", Youth Day was held, bringing together more than 1,000 young professionals, students and schoolchildren who gathered in Moscow to exchange experiences and ideas, and also summed up their project activities which have been made this year and formed a draft youth agenda for the fuel and energy complex for 2023. The main event of the Youth Day was the Round Table “Youth Communities as a Catalyst of Global Processes”, which was attended by students of the ETALON bachelor’s program in the field of Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering Varvara Tovpeko and Leonid Verentsov as speakers from MPEI. The event was moderated by Olga Golyshenkova, President of the Association of citizens and organizations for corporate education development "MAKO".


During the round table, the students spoke about the day before meeting of the Council of Young Scientists of the CIS, which was created on MPEI basis together with the Executive Committee of the CIS Electric Power Council, which made it possible for students to put on the agenda the idea of uniting members of the scientific the CIS countries community for closer attention to science as a way to talk about the complex in simple terms, to find a non-standard solution to the challenges of our time with the help of intercultural interaction among young scientists.


According to the students representing MPEI, a single space creation, on the basis of which young scientists will solve practical problems, will be able to transform the electric power industry, taking into account the possibilities of the current historical moment, as well as achieve such strategically important goals as the introduction and application in practice of the features the current moment of development of the regional and global electric power industry, interaction with international youth organizations in the field of science and innovation, as well as determining the role of youth in shaping the modern sustainable and affordable energy of the future through the joint efforts of the CIS countries. The students also expressed their readiness to implement the key goal of creating the Council of Young Scientists - the signing of the Declaration that defines the main goals, objectives, directions and formats of activity at the next meeting of the youth association, and also invited all those who are not indifferent to participate in the initiative and make their unique intellectual contribution to form sustainable and affordable energy of the future.


The initiative was unanimously supported by the organizing committee of an open discussion with the participation of the leaders of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Autonomous NGO "Russia - Land of Opportunities", Rosmolodezh , the Ministry of Education of Russia and industry companies on topical issues of implementing youth policy in the fuel and energy complex and related industries.


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