MPEI hosted visit of Chinese Technology Transfer Center for SCO countries-members


17 October, 2022 MPEI hosted a visit of the Chinese Delegation that consisted of Zhao Zhongyuan, Head of the Chinese Technology Transfer Center for SCO countries-members, and Yulia Bogdanova, Head of the Department of International Cooperation of the named Center.

The delegation was greeted by Nikolay Rogalev, MPEI Rector along with Alexander Tarasov, Vice-rector on International Relations, Sergey Shirinskii, Head of International Administration, Elena Gulicheva, Director on International Relations, and the staff of the Direction on International Relations.

The Chinese guests were given a tour around the Institute of Hydropower and Renewable Energy and the Institute of Electric Power Engineering and presented the equipment, laboratories, as well as some insights of the Institutes’ study fields.

In the framework of the visit the collaboration prospects of creating a new platform for international science-technical cooperation, as well as for cultural, economic and trade exchanges involving MPEI were discussed.

By the results of the meeting both sides has decided to cooperate in the following fields:

  • Participation in resource pooling events, bilateral consultations and project presentations;

  • Submission of applications for funding of joint international research projects;

  • Joint education;

  • Commercialization and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.


The Chinese Technology Transfer Center for SCO countries-members was established within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at the initiative of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC in 2020. Its goal is to actively promote international technology transfer and jointly look for new drivers of economic growth after creating the center. The main task is to provide a platform for expanding the channels of multilateral international cooperation in the fields of technology, science, culture, economics and trade.


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