MPEI at round table on improving work with graduates


21 February, 2023 MPEI participated in a round table "Interaction of Rosatom's supporting universities with foreign graduates from Asian countries". The event was supported by RUDN and Rosatom.

About 40 representatives of universities, graduates and current students from Asian countries took part in the meeting.

During the event participants discussed the main mechanisms of work with foreign undergraduates and young graduates from Asian countries. Also, they developed proposals for improving the methods of interaction between universities, young graduates and alumni associations in Asian countries as well as recommendations for improving the results of work with graduates.

MPEI was represented by graduates of master's and postgraduate programs, who continue their research activities at the university: Mie Min Tant, doctoral student of the Department of Electrotechnical Complexes of Autonomous Objects and Electric Transport, Myanmar citizen and He Haiyan, Candidate of Sciences, a China citizen. The participants stressed the importance of maintaining constant ties between the university and graduates, the development of partnerships between graduates, creating opportunities for their further education and the development of new formats of interaction. Having made specific suggestions for improving the interaction between the university and alumni, both participants expressed their gratitude and warm attitude to MPEI.

At the end of the round table, RUDN and Rosatom representatives noted the importance of the event for improving the university's work with alumni and to do that they proposed to develop joint recommendations.

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