Electronic and electromechanical systems for electric supply of small, medium and large power consumption; systems and elements of electrical equipment with increased electrical safety and improved electromagnetic compatibility, which serve the high-responsible consumers including the industrial enterprises and research and manufacture associations, the ground transport and the flying vehicles apparatuses of various purposes;

Highly effective energy converters of various types for industrial and aviation-space purposes;

  • Design and development of highly effective electrical drives of various purposes and automated technological equipment on their basis;
  • Research and perfection of electrical and radio engineering materials including the heterogeneous composite and high-temperature materials for application in power, electrical and radio electronic engineering equipment;
  • Development, design and operation of ecobiotic protection engineering and technologies; creation of systems for unified ecological monitoring;
  • Creation of scientific fundamentals and development of new methods and technical means for resource and energy saving in technologies;
  • Development and operation of the prospective electrical technology installations on the basis of the induction and resistive heating, beams heating and welding, arc, plasma and laser processes; a creation of the highly effective systems for automatic control of the technological processes.