MPEI alumni participate in activity of National Alumni Associations of Russian (Soviet) universities and often are included in the Boards of these National Associations. Many of them participated in the First and Second Forums of Foreign Alumni of Russian Universities in Moscow.

On the basis of their own initiative, MPEI alumni from Hungary, Poland, Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, China created the MPEI Alumni National Associations and annually organize the meetings at native land. MPEI representatives participated in the regional meetings with the alumni in Vietnam, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, Serbia and Montenegria. The participation in such meeting is undoubtedly useful. First of all, we look on these meeting as a acquaintance to the problems of our alumni in these native lands. Moreover, we are trying to find the co-operation in the field of new students recruiting. In addition, it is a good way to replenish our data-base with the addresses on new graduates.

20.05.2013 12:07