MPEI provides the large work on formation the references and documents for foreign and Russian alumni. FAD frequently receives the requests from MPEI alumni from foreign countries, Russia and the countries of former Soviet Union who live abroad or coming out of Russia to another countries, asking to give the duplicate educational documents (including in English), to confirm the copies of different documents issued in MPEI. This work on forming and issuing the documents is organized in the frame of the acted regulations. We have a large letter exchange with the foreign organizations dealing with the checking and confirmation of the educational documents presented by MPEI graduates in the application sets for future education or job.

We are working hardly with the requests from the foreign companies asking for confirmation of the educational documents issued by MPEI for foreign and Russian graduates. We accurately investigate the documents received, check their authenticity comparing with MPEI archive and detect the false documents. The work on checking the educational document authenticity is very important for us considered as a way to support of the high reputation of MPEI graduates.

There is more than a half of a century that we annually produce the high-quality specialists for more than 100 countries oà the world. We are proud of our graduate successes, among whom there are the outstanding political leaders, the ministers of the leading industry branches, the successful businessmen. Many of our alumni are the university teachers at their native land and continue to distribute the Russian pedagogical experience and the Russian schools of thoughts in their countries. Some of our alumni are working in the developed western countries passed through the very difficult competitions in job acceptation.

We express our thanks to MPEI foreign alumni for the deserved presentation of the Russian educational traditions in their native lands. We would like to wish them the health, the successes, the fruitful and interesting job. We would like to say with sure that the political and economical difficulties in the world will not disturb to our friendship and the development of relations between our alumni and our MPEI.

We see in our alumni the MPEI and Russia authorized representatives in the foreign countries and we believe in them. We are sure that we are able on the basis of the total efforts, first, to help our alumni to be consolidated in their countries and collectively defend their interests, to support the connections with alma mater and to receive the modern information on economy, culture, science and education in the modern Russia; second, to help to get the high-quality Russian education for their children and grand-children in the different directions of power engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, economy and management.

20.05.2013 12:08