Events of Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities


Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities was founded on the basis of the 14th and 15th sessions’ decisions of the Intergovernmental Kyrgyz-Russian commission for the Trade, Economic, Science-Technical and Humanities collaboration. The concept of creation and advancement of Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities has been developed during the 4th Council of Ministers of States-participants of Shanghai Cooperation Organization that took part on the 11th of October 2012 in Bishkek.

There an official protocol has been signed between Ministries of Education and Science of Russian Federation and of Kyrgyz Republic about creating the Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities. The Consortium itself was founded on a volunteer base as an alliance of Russian and Kyrgyz universities that had signed an Agreement of creating the Consortium or joined later. These institutes share goals of support and development of common network of educational programs. At present, the Consortium comprises 24 Russian and 8 Kyrgyz universities developing bilateral joint educational programs.
On the 27th and 28th of September, 2018, in Kyrgyzstan traditional events of Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium were held.
IV International scientific and technical network Conference "Integral processes in science, technique and education space" took place in spring of 2018 in the network form. Sessions were held with the help of IT that allowed the scientists of different Universities to communicate at a convenient time. On the 27th of October there was a Conference meeting that united the co-chairmen of all the nine sections and considered their overall work results and final resolution. The resolution marked the importance of involving the young scientists in research projects and recommended to spare a youth day or particular youth forum in the framework of the Conference.
On the 28th of September another Common meeting of Consortium partner Universities was organized. It gathered representatives of 15 universities both from Russia and Kyrgyzstan.
In the framework of summing-up the results of 2017/2018 academic year it was stated that while the mutual difficulties existed, the amount of common tuition programs was growing. In 2017/2018 two hundred eighty eight students of joint programs upon 19 educational specialties has been studying at the Kyrgyz universities. Among them, 40 students were studying at Kyrgyz State University of Construction Transport and Architecture named N. Isanov, others were studying at the Kyrgyz State Technical University named I. Razzakov. These mutual programs are realized in partnership with 10 Russian universities. Particularly, in frames of mutual educational programs of MPEI and KSTU in Kyrgyzstan 105 students of 4 specialties and 7 aspects of Bachelor training were trained. Meanwhile, in Russian partner universities 128 Kyrgyz students continued their studies in these programs, among them 69 – in their last Bachelor years and 59 – on a Master course. At MPEI in 2017/2018 forty-six students of mutual educational programs of Kyrgyzstan continued their studies.

In 2018, twenty-four Bachelors and thirteen Masters have graduated from partner Universities. 42% of Bachelor graduates entered the Master courses, 54% have found a job, among them 46% have found a job in their field of study. 84% of Master graduates have got a job and the rest, 16% have entered their Doctorate, one is enrolled to KSTU as a professor.

In 2018 six Russian partner Universities successfully enrolled 38 Kyrgyz students, 9 of them were enrolled to MPEI. Despite the lack of official financing, the Consortium Council created a project of consolidated application of the Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities to acquire the target quotas for 2019. One hundred and twelve Kyrgyz students are to be enrolled on the mutual educational programs to Russian universities in the next year. The Consortium Council will continue to communicate with Russian and Kyrgyz national executives about the necessity of giving target quotas to Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities basing on the decisions of the Russian-Kyrgyz Interstate Committee.

Apart from the discussion of the current issues of the Consortium, on the general reunion the reports for the methods for organizing mutual educational programs in the conditions de facto have been done. On the reunion a row of new agreements about the establishment of new mutual educational programs has been signed, as well as the protocols of the enrollment for the 2018/2019 academic year. The work plan for Consortium in 2018/2019 and the final protocol of the General reunion have been confirmed.
In the framework of general reunion a short meeting of the Consortium members with the commandment of Russia Navy base in Kyrgyzstan has been organized. The Consortium work benefits both the professional training of Kyrgyz specialists and military units in Kyrgyzstan in collaboration with Baltic State Technical University "VOENMECH" named D.F. Ustinov and Kyrgyz State Technical University named I. Razzakov. Certificates of honor from "VOENMECH" have been handed to the Counselor of the KSTU Rector, Sovetbek Sarbanov and Head of MPEI International Administration, Sergey Shirinskii.

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