MPEI delegation visits Ilmenau Technical University (Germany)

MPEI International Division informs that from the 26th of November till the 29th of November, 2012 the group of professors, employees and Ph.D.-students from MPEI visited Ilmenau Technical University (Ilmenau, Germany). The visit took place within the program "German Experience in the Organization of Innovative Processes in Universities, International Cooperation and Transfer of Technologies".

Some meetings with professors and employees from TU of Ilmenau took place: co-ordinator of the program - Klaus Dieter Fritze, Doctor H. Tepfer and Doctor H. Brauer (TOE Department).

During visit there had been a meeting with Doctor R. Sommer from IMMS GmbH institute (Institute of microelectronics and meñhatronics systems). During the presentation there had been shown a role and a place of the consolidated scientific centers founded at university, in the solution of complex research and production challenges. Then in friendly discussion there had been examined the questions concerning development of the project «The German Engineering Faculty of MPEI – Ilmenau TU». After the termination of a meeting small tour on IMMS laboratories had been conducted.

It was noted equal growth and total quantity of patents' number in Germany and Russia. During a meeting with Doctor Yu. Buettner (Power Electronics Department) there had been shown in details the modern equipment using for the organization of educational laboratory practice and scientific researches with involvement of post-graduates and Ph.D.- students. Besides, doctor Buettner told about the performed works within the contract with BMW - well known German automobile concern.

In conclusion the head of the program, Professor, Dr.of Technical Sciences Wolfgang Fengler and K.Fritze in detail told about history and prospects of development joint "The German Engineering Faculty of MPEI – Ilmenau TU". The specified project works for 14 years. On average over the last 5 years every year about 10 students and Ph.D.- students from MPEI have additional training.

As a result of professional training there had been assimilated an experience of TU Ilmenau in the field of innovative processes' organization, research and developmental works, and also in the field of the international cooperation, there had been come into scientific contacts as well.​