Group from foreign recruiting companies visited MPEI

MPEI International Division informs that on the 18th of February, 2013 within cooperation with the Eastern European University Association a group of 5 persons — representatives from recruiting companies working in the field of students recruiting in Great Britain, Nigeria, India, Turkey and Australia visited MPEI. During the visit the delegation examined MPEI activity, there had been discussed possibility for foreign students' training in MPEI.

The delegation visited also Institute of Management of Economy in energetic industry, there had been a visit to the Russian-German Institute "MPEI-Festo" as well.

Representatives of the recruiting companies, after acquaintance with the University, intend to carry out a number of programs on students informing about MPEI academic programs in the countries of the residence to admit foreign students in our University for the next academic year. Further it is planned to continue realization of such experience on MPEI basis.