Festival of foreign students in MPEI

​MPEI reports that according to the work plan with foreign students from March 16 to April 5 in MPEI a traditional annual festival of foreign students had taken place. In a framework of Interfestival there had been: Academic Competition on Russian, a sports contest of foreign students, an exhibition and a concert. Associations of the Arab countries, the African countries, Venezuela, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, China, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tajikistan took part in various actions of Interfestival.

The first places in different types of sports were taken by the following teams and students:

Basketball - team of China

Volleyball - team of Myanmar-1

Football - team of the Arab countries


Table tennis – women

Table tennis – men

Badminton – women

Badminton – men

Press on quantity of times – women

Press on quantity of times – men

Press lying on the maximum weight

Pulling up on a horizontal bar

On April 4 in the hall of the first floor the culture of the countries had been presented by students from Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, to Jordan, Venezuela, Vietnam, to Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Tajikistan. On April 5 there had been rewarding of winners of the Academic competition on Russian, the excellent students who are actively engaged in public work, winners of a sports contest. Interfestival came to the end with a concert. All performances were perceived with enthusiasm and accompanied by a storm of applause. The chorus of MPEI acted with big success.


Vietnamese dance during the students’ concert.

Students’ song during the concert.

During Russian Language Competition.