Graduation «MPEI Doctor Honoris Causa» of Professor D. B. Spalding (UK)

MPEI International Division informs that on April 19, 2013 during a meeting of the MPEI Academic Council there had been performed a Graduation "Doctor Honoris Causa of NRU "MPEI" to the citizen of Great Britain, Professor Dudley Bryan Spalding, the managing director of the CHAM Ltd company (Concentration Heat and Momentum).

Professor D.B. Spalding is one of outstanding scientists-heat-physicists in the world. His popularity is connected with works in the field of the theory of burning and in computing hydrodynamics. Professor has close long-time contacts with MPEI. In the late eighties there had been founded CHAM - MPEI joint venture that has the purpose to use modern numerical methods for development of scientific and technical achievements in Russia.

During last decade cooperation between CHAM and MPEI became stronger: professor Spalding heads a group of developers from our University who continue to improve methods of numerical modeling in hydrodynamic processes.

In the course of collaboration professor Spalding imparts the knowledge and experience to experts of MPEI. By approbation of professor Spalding software package of PHOENICS is used on training students from MPEI: junior students use it for realizing laboratory works, and students of older years perform works of bachelors, masters and experts with its help.

Professor D. B. Spalding with lecture at session of Academic Council of MPEI. 

Professor D. B. Spalding with lecture at session of Academic Council of MPEI.