MPEI Doctor Honoris Causa Gerhard Bartsch visits MPEI.

MPEI International Division informs that from May 6 to May 13, 2013 according to the provision on honorary title "The Doctor Honoris Causa" of MPEI there took place a visit of MPEI Doctor Honoris Causa - Gerhard Bartsch (Technical University of Berlin, Germany).

Prof. Bartsch – a German scientist who has made a significant contribution to the development of world science in the field of thermodynamics, methods of energy transformation, renewable sources of energy, equipment of nuclear reactors, ecology.

Since 1987 MPEI Department of Engineering Thermophysics and Power Engineering Institute of Technical University of Berlin has been realizing cooperation in the field of heat exchange intensification in steam-generating channels and researches of the mechanism of boiling. During cooperation joint reports and articles were prepared, there had been also exchanges of professors and students within scientific work, training and preparation of a number of thesis.

Considering Prof. Bartsch`s contribution in development of cooperation with MPEI, in 1997 the title "MPEI Doctor Honoris Causa" was appropriated to him.

Professor Bartsch was warmly accepted by Acting Rector of MPEI - Nikolay Rogalev. Also professor Bartsch saw the sights of Moscow. During all stay he was accompanied by the professor of Department of Engineering Thermophysics Yu. Kuzma-Kichta, who is a MPEI coordinator of cooperation with TU Berlin throughout many years.

Following the results of visit the agreement on activation of partnership with Technical University of Berlin is reached.


Meeting with MPEI Acting Rector N. Rogalev.