​The procedure of enrolment to MPEI education begins from the presenting the set of the necessary documents (see above-mentioned points for Bachelor etc.). The acceptation to each educational cycle requires the specific set of documents and the specific Application form.

The document submission must begin from their preparation in electronic form: scanning the documents in the standard software packets in the form, which must be easily readable. The scanning of passport and its photo should be especially high-quality. The Application form should be filled in accurately, better on computer and without the missing of any points. Then the Application form is printed, signed in written and scanned in pdf or jpg format.

The certificate of the former education should be originally signed with stamp and well-scanned. This concerns to the medical certificates as well.

After that, the full set of documents must be sent to study@mpei.ru (for under-graduate and graduate students) ot to phdcourse@mpei.ru (for Ph.D.-candidates, trainees and Dr.Sci.-candidates). In the first letter you should clearly mention your full name (beginning with family name). In each future letter these full name should be mentioned in order not to confuse.

If you did not understand anything from our site http://www.mpei.ru/lang/en/Pages/default.aspx or if you send to us the first letter with the questions, please, mention in your first letter the full name, country and E-mail address.

Your documents are received by the official MPEI coordinator, and he/she makes an initial investigation. When the questions to you raise, the coordinator will contact you via e-mail. After that, all documents are sending to MPEI admission commission, which will make the final decision about acceptation. This decision will be explained to the applicant.

At positive decision on the acceptation, MPEI forms the contract text and sends it to the applicant via e-mail. All questions on the contract text become clear with the coordinator. When all questions are clear to the applicant, he/she prints the contract, sign it, inserting the data about his parents, then the last page must be accurately scanned abd sent to MPEI via e-mail. This contract is necessary for us at preliminary stage for the financial services to accept your first payment.

Then, when MPEI accepts the official invitation from immigration authorities, MPEI forms the official invoice on the first payment and sends it to the applicant via e-mail. The applicant should pay exactly on the basis of our invoice by means of bank transfer.

If for any reasons the applicant do not arrive on the education, the money will be returned to him after subtraction of bank fee and the money for registration ($100).

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