The admission to MPEI commences from the e-mail that is sent by the applicant to the address of the Foreign Office: for future Bachelors and Masters, for postgraduate students. The official coordinator of the applicant responds and gives the application form that should be filled in. As well, he would demand the scan copies of educational papers.

The application form should be completed by the applicant, signed, scanned and sent back. The coordinator might also ask the applicant to send the scanned copies of medical certificates.

To clarify the applicants’ intentions it is welcome for him to mention his full name, nationality and the desired field of study.

After the initial paperwork the educational documents are put into recognition. After being successfully recognized, the contract is formed and sent to the applicant, who should read it and, in case of consent, sign and sent back the scan. Then MPEI authorities sign it and send the scan copy back to the applicant. Then, the University requests the invitation for Migration Service of Russia and waits for the reply.

After signing the contract, MPEI might ask for the payment for the first semester in advance and send an invoice. Upon receiving the payment and the answer from the Migration Service, University sends an invitation to the applicant for visa support.

If the applicant cannot continue the process of education, the payment is compensated after subtraction of essential fee.​