Dr. Sci. course is the form of preparation of scientific and pedagogical experts of highest qualifications. Foreign citizens having the Ph.D. degree can be accepted to Dr. Sci. course on the intergovernmental agreements (with the scholarship from the Russian budget, see here or on the payment basis (see here). Education at PhD course is provided in Russian language on the basis of the specialties (see below) corresponding to the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of Russian Federation. The PhD course duration is three years. The main goal of Dr. Sci. course is the preparation and defense of the Dr. Sci. thesis. When it is necessary to study Russian language, the candidates to Dr. Sci. course are accepted to the annual Preliminary Course and in this case the duration of education is four years.

The scientific supervisor from high-qualified MPEI professors or scientific researchers is nominated to each Dr. Sci. student. The education at Dr. Sci. course includes the deep studying of the theoretical fundamentals of the chosen specialty and the fulfillment of independent scientific research, the main results of which should be published in the printed journals that are recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission.

The prepared thesis is the result of education at Dr. Sci. course, which can be transferred to the Scientific Council session for the official defense after the final report at the department. In the case of successful defense at Scientific Council, all documents should be sent to Higher Attestation Commission of Russian Federation, which conducts the thesis inspection and makes the final decision about awarding the Dr. Sci. degree.

In order to be accepted at MPEI Dr. Sci. course, the foreign citizen should contact the MPEI Department of Foreign PhD Students and Trainees (phdcourse@mpei.ru) and announce his/her wish to enter the Dr. Sci. course. After that, the applicant should sent to the mentioned address the following set of documents:

  • The Application form;
  • The copies of the first two pages of national passport;
  • The copies of the educational document about the previous education with the transcript (the confirmed list of passed disciplines with the grades);
  • The copies of his/her scientific papers and books with the full list of scientific publications and reports;
  • The recommendations of the scientists and experts;
  • The e-mail address.

These documents are necessary for making the final decision by the specific MPEI department about the admission. When the decision is positive, the applicant will be informed about the MPEI consent to accept at Dr. Sci. course in written form, and he is informed about financial conditions of future education. When necessary, the applicant may get the text of the future contract.

After that, the applicant should confirm in written form his consent to conditions of education, and MPEI send the set of documents in the Federal Migration Agency for the official invitation. The origin of this invitation is sent to the applicant for getting the entry visa in Russian Consulate.