General information

Preliminary course for foreign students was created in 1991 and since then it has had two purposes.

First has been to train the foreign school graduates in Russian to give them an opportunity to carry out the studies in language medium, teaching them Russian language in physics, informatics, chemistry, engineering drawing etc.
Second has been to​ maintain the Russian language knowledge of foreigners in course of their studies at MPEI on their study programs.

The students from the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the USA, Germany, Canada, Mongolia, Turkey, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Nepal, India, the Republic of Korea, Sri-Lanka, Japan, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, the Central-African Republic and many other countries have been welcomed at MPEI.
The paperwork of admission process of Preliminary Course applicants and investigation of their documents are being conducted throughout all the year.
The starts for first full-year Preliminary Course group classes are between September 1 to October 25 as long as the full-year groups are filled, and from February 15 to March 20 as long as the half-year Preliminary Course groups are filled.

Education Programs at MPEI Preliminary Course

Preparation to admission to MPEI for education in Russian medium is fulfilled based on forming groups of foreign students that include from 4 to 11 persons.

Students could be admitted to the Preliminary Course for preparation to Bachelor and Master courses in Russian medium or for general language learning that precedes the English-medium studies, or other purposes.

The plan of the ordinary Curriculum labels two optional semesters of training, autumn and spring that consist of 20 academic weeks each. Every week has 30 academic hours, 45 minutes each.

The first option is to take the two-semester (full-year) training course that would be dedicated to learning general Russian in autumn and scientific Russian in spring.

The second option is to take the one-semester (half-year) training course that would give only the basic science notions of Russian.

Autumn semester is consecrated to primary Russian language knowledge, the spring semester is consecrated to primary scientific knowledge: Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, Chemistry and Engineering Drawing.

The extraordinary Curriculum is spring-autumn-spring course (one and a half years) that gives extended knowledge of Russian that grants advantage to the student studying in the Russian language medium.

The Master course preparation could be altered according to the need of future Master students.

The studies for those students who have the goal to study in the English group the education of Russian could be carried out in English medium.