The MPEI system of qualification raising, professional retraining and additional education for students, teachers and experts carries out the following tasks:

  • systematic improvement of qualification of the teaching staff for MPEI and other Russian universities as well as  for the universities from the former USSR republics;
  • arrangement of scientific and pedagogical training courses for teachers and experts of Russian and foreign universities, organizations and enterprises;
  • qualification raising and professional retraining of experts for organizations and enterprises of Russia and former USSR;
  • professional retraining of experts on the basis of individual requests and training programs;
  • professional retraining and qualification improvement of state employees of Russia.

At present the qualification improvement for teachers is carried out by MPEI in the following directions:

  • Thermal Power Engineering;
  • Electrical Power Engineering;
  • Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics, and Electrical Technologies;
  • Power Machinery;
  • Technical Physics;
  • Automation and Computer Engineering;
  • Economics and Production Management;
  • Radio Engineering and Electronics;
  • Natural Sciences;
  • Social Sciences and Humanities.

All foreign citizens wishing to participate in Qualification Raising courses will have the status of scientific trainee. That is why the usual requirements and recommendations to the scientific training (see here) can be used for the participants of the qualification raising courses.​