MPEI participates in an annual international seminar on the strengthening of Erasmus+ program partners’ cooperation


On the 21-22nd of May MPEI tooken part in the international seminar “Strengthening of Erasmus+ cooperation among countries-partners and participants of the Erasmus+ program”, that was held in the EU representative office in Russia.

Among the participants of the event were the representatives of the EU delegation in Russia, national and contact offices of Bulgaria, Egypt, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Romania and Turkey, embassies of Italia and Spain in Moscow, Russian universities and a number of others. From the part of MPEI the representative was Irina Kulik, coordinator of MPEI international programs and projects.

In the framework of the events that included interactive sessions in small groups, the prospects of possible collaboration in educational and scientific research activities and consortium building were discussed, ideas of new projects given, the purposeful experience exchanged. During the individual meetings new contacts between diplomatic missions and institutes of Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Egypt, Romania were established. A special interest to the prospects of MPEI collaboration development was expressed by the educational attache of Spanish embassy José Aurelio Llaneza Villanueva.


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