Delegation of the Vietnamese universities and organizations headed by Minister of Education and Training of Vietnam visited MPEI


On the 7th of September the delegation of the Vietnamese universities and organizations headed by the Minister of Education and Training, MPEI Honorable Doctor, professor Phung Xuan Nha arrived to MPEI.

2018 is a special date for MPEI and Vietnam as it is the 65th anniversary of training at MPEI for Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Professor Fung Xuan Nha is one of the leading experts in the field of international economical relationship oriented towards foreign investments, bilateral and polylateral economic affairs between Vietnam and ATP countries. He has been MPEI Honorable doctor since 2014.

Phung Xuan Nha has efficiently contributed to the development of the international cooperation in the domain of scientific research and training, as well as the cooperation with Russian universities, particularly with MPEI. The result of that had been the foundation of the joint project of the Russian-Vietnamese Power Engineering Centre with the goal to promote strategic partnership with help of the Russian Embassy in Vietnam. Another result of such a cooperation is the establishment of the joint educational program of MPEI and Hanoi State University in the field "Informatics and Computer Engineering".

The minister was met by MPEI Rector Nikolay Rogalev, First Vice-Rector Vladimir Zamolodchikov and Vice-Rector on International Relations Alexander Tarasov. For the delegations members an excursion round Gas-insulated Switchgear of the Electrical Power Engineering Institute was held. They also visited the Relay Protection and Automation of Energy Systems and High Voltage Engineering and Electrical Physics Departments where the Head of the latter Sergey Khrenov showed the technical equipment of the department.

Five persons from the MPEI staff received high appreciation of their labor by the Ministry of Education and Training of the Social Republic of Vietnam. These persons have been awarded a degree "Honorable Worker of Education of the Social Republic of Vietnam": MPEI Rector Nikolay Rogalev, First Vice-Rector Vladimir Zamolodchikov, Vice-Rector on International Relations Alexander Tarasov, Deputy Head of the Institute of Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering Vladimir Manukhin, and the Department of General Physics and Nuclear Fusion professor Nguyen Quoc Chi.

During the visit preparation an appointment with the Rector of Hanoi University of Mining and Geology professor Le Hai An was held, where the issues of creating joint educational programs have been discussed.

Moreover a meeting with the Vice-president of Vietnamese State University, Nguyen Hoang Hai, Rector of the International Institute of VSU, and Head of Department of international relations and communication of the International Institute of VSU, Mai Nguyen Tuyet Hoa was held. During the event there was a discussion upon the realization of joint program in English, "Computer Science and Informatics", and the prospects of new mutual programs.

After the ceremony the meeting with Trinh Minh Thu, the Rector of the Tuyu University was held. The University is located close to the main hydro power plant of Vietnam. During this meeting, the issues of hydro power engineering training were thoroughly considered.

After the visit to MPEI the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Russia the ceremony of signing the memoranda of cooperation between Russian and Vietnamese educational branches has been organized. From the Russian side Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia Marina Borovskaya, who pointed out the importance of collaboration between Russian and Vietnamese Universities, took part in the event along with the representatives of 15 Universities.

The ceremonial foreword was given by the Minister of Education and Training of Vietnam Phung Xuan Nha. He made the speech about the partnership between two countries that has been lasting trough many decades.

MPEI has enlarged the circle of partnership with a number of Vietnam universities by Thainguyen University, University Thuyloi and Hanoi university of Mining and Geology.

In the framework of the ceremony MPEI Rector gave an interview to the Vietnamese television.

During the visit of the Minister at MPEI there was a discussion of the several issues about the development of mutual cooperation in Vietnam and Russia. In particular, the question of the Russian-Vietnamese Consortium of Technical Universities has been touched.

The International Administration of MPEI expects the Consortium to give an impulse to the development, to strengthen the science and education bounds between the two countries' universities and organizations and to lay foundation for the future strategic platform of cooperation.​​​

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