Online meeting of BRICS Network University Power Engineering workgroup


National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” – has been a coordinator of the International Power Engineering Subject Group of BRICS Network University since 2016. The group consists of 2 universities from Brazil, 3 from Russia, 2 from India, 3 from China and 2 from South Africa.
The contact meetings of the Partnership University take part every year in the framework of official events. Current conversations are carried out distantly via video-messengers throughout the year.

On the 14th of November, 2018, the on-line session of the workgroup took place, gathering the representatives from almost all partner universities. The main issue of the discussion was the creation of the joint Master educational program in the field of “Green Power Engineering for the sustainable development of regions”. The project of the agreement above was originally built by the RUDN representatives. It describes the main technology of organization and functionality of the mutual network educational program. In the framework of this program, partner universities could realize bilateral programs accenting most actual aspects of steady power engineering development.
Due to the differences in the educational systems of BRICS countries the main problem about the concordance of the terms of the joint program realization and the search in finance for the student academic mobility programs was pointed out.

The question of the short-term teacher mobility programs’ necessity was discussed. The speakers called it a cornerstone of the agreement for joint Master program realization and scientific partnership establishment between the BRICS universities.

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