Round table in Russian Center of Science and Culture of Zambia


2 July, 2021, in the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Zambia (Russian House) of Lusaka, the online round table Russia-Zambia on “Development of Sustainable STEM Ecosystem” topic was carried out. Representatives of several Universities and other organizations of Russia, Universities and schools of Zambia took part in it. Among MPEI personalities Professor of Theoretical Bases of Heat Engineering Department Valery Ochkov, associate professor of the IHRE Masamba Kakh and Head of the Postgraduates’ Affairs Office Nathalia Savchenkova were present.


Round table participants

STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) is a study programme that combines the courses in different sciences. This approach is based on the mixture of theoretical and applied skills, and is getting more and more followers. In Zambia, some schools and colleges employ this technology in studying, so the reporters invited by the organizers showed their interest towards reports on these topics.


Organizers of the Russia-Zambia round table: Director of the Russian House in Lusaka Alexander Anisimov, coordinator of the round table Yanina Dubeykovskaya and employee of the Russian House Harold Mabula

The biggest response and discussion were caused Professor Valery Ochkov’s lectures on “25 years of STEM-education at MPEI”, and Abel Tambatamba, Deputy Head of the Engineering Faculty of Copperbelt University on “Application of STEM in the Zambian Industry”.

For several years MPEI has been closely cooperating with the Russian House in Lusaka and takes part in joint educational and scientific events. Students from Zambia study at our university.

In spring 2021, Yanina Dubeykovskaya, member of the Russian House in Lusaka, visited MPEI. At the meeting, the organizational issues of the events on attracting applicants and promotion of Russian Education, in particular, STEM Education, in Zambia. The Headmaster of STEM-school in Siavonga, Getrude Himuhamba, was handed the book of Valery Ochkov "Problems for STEM Education". Equally, the materials in Russian were given by MPEI to Zambia students studying at the Preliminary Course. Later on the members of Russian House exchanged literature and textbooks. 

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