National Rectorate of University SCO holds session


15 December, 2021, in RUDN a session of the National Rectorate of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) University was held. The event was attended by representatives of basic Universities of USCO in Russia and members of the Chinese Rectorate of USCO.

In the course of the meeting the main issues of USCO activities in 2020-2021 had been talked over and the reports of coordinator Universities for priority fields of training had been heard out.

Alexander Tarasov, Vice-rector on international relations of MPEI, gave a presentation upon “Creation and implementation of joint Ph.D. and Bachelor programs in the framework of USCO”, speaking of work results and basic problems faced by Universities during the realization of joint educational programs and their solutions.

USCO is an international educational program in Russia and Asia functioning as a network university that is a system of basic educational organizations of USCO members with an agreed study program. USCO establishment was one of the first initiatives in the domain of network university cooperation development worldwide.

The mission of USCO is to realize a coordinated training of high-quality personnel on the basis of the coordinated innovational educational program in the fields of priority interest for economic and social development among countries-members of Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

In 2009, MPEI became a basic University of SCO and was unanimously chosen as an international coordinator of the Power Engineering field.

Further information on USCO in Russian can be found here.

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