MPEI welcomes Cuban Embassy officials


29 September, 2022, representatives of the Republic of Cuba Embassy in Russia, Jose Antonio Telles Medina,Trade and Economic Attache for Energy  and Judith Cristina Avello Fonte, Specialist of the Embassy, fulfilled a work visit to MPEI to meet students and employees of the University. It was represented by Alexander Tarasov, Vice-Rector on International Relations and Anastasya Mashkova, Director for Integrational Policy Development, as well as by Cuban Master students.


The members discussed current issues on the organization and opening of MPEI Center of Target Training in Havana on the basis of the retraining facilities of the Energy Union of Cuba. The latter has been initiated by the Cuban leader Ramiro Valdez Menendez. The Center could possibly be operated as a beacon for MPEI educational activities in Latin America.

Anastasia Mashkova spoke to the guests about MPEI social media ground organized by Cuban students and MPEI staff that can help focusing on the educational and cultural unity of the MPEI students and teachers from the country. She also mentioned the development of the database of study materials for education and methodical needs of the joint Cuban Center. As well, the financial coordination issues of the official support for the development of the Russian and Cuban relationship were concerned at the meeting.

Currently, as part of the educational interaction between MPEI and the Energy Union of Cuba, 18 leading specialists of the energy industry of the Republic of Cuba are studying at MPEI on Master and postgraduate programs in the fields of Electric and Thermal Power Engineering, Power Machinery and as well Informatics.

In the present academic year, 23 more specialists will start training at MPEI, including 3 specialists for postgraduate programs and 9 leading managers of Cuban industry enterprises that are going to study a supplementary course in various areas of training.

The Cuban students attending the meeting had an opportunity to talk to the ambassadors, settle all current matters and share their impressions.

“We shared our experience with the honorable guests and spoke about the difficulties of the language barrier despite learning Russian at the Preliminary Course. We discussed our Master graduation works that should be aimed at the current challenges of our country. We pointed out a good integration of Cuban students and MPEI, steady relationship and other important topics that should benefit both countries”,- summed up Lady Encinosa Estevez, student of MPEI 1 year Master course.

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