MPEI will train specialists for Turkey's first nuclear power plant


9 February, 2023 a working meeting on training specialists for the largest Russian-Turkish nuclear power plant Akkuyu Nuklear JSC was held at MPEI. MPEI rector Nikolay Rogalev met with Husein Chechenov, Director on Educational Programs and Cooperation Programs of Akkuyu Nuklear JSC.


In 2023 it is planned to recruit 40 students for the training program for the nuclear power plant under construction, who will be trained in three energy specialties of the master's degree program, agreed between the parties and necessary for work at the nuclear power plant.

"Joint personnel training of MPEI and Akkuyu NPP for Turkey's power industry opens new opportunities for interaction and exchange of experience and technologies between two countries. For our part, we are ready to give all the necessary basis for successful training of future specialists and expand academic partnership with friendly states. We are mentally with the Turkish people and we wish them strength and spirit for a speedy recovery from the tragedy. I hope that peace, cooperation and kindness of nations will help in these difficult times for Turkey", Nikolay Rogalev said.

An intergovernmental agreement on cooperation between Turkey and Russia in the construction and operation of a nuclear power plant at the Akkuyu site in Mersin Province was signed on 12 May, 2010. The project of the first Turkish NPP includes four power units with VVER-1200 reactors with a total capacity of 4,800 megawatts. It is worth noting that the training of Turkish students for the nuclear power plant under construction at Russian universities began in 2011. This year, MPEI will for the first time take part in the project of training employees for Akkuyu NPP.

Akkuyu Nuklear representatives noted that MPEI is one of the leading Russian universities in the field of energy and has all the necessary resources, laboratory facilities, high-quality faculty to train highly qualified specialists.

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