Visit of National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” to Sapienza University of Rome



During the period of 17.09.17 – 24.09.17 in frames of implementation of a new joint educational program FSAMP Erasmus+ the delegates of MPEI have visited Sapienza University of Rome. Among them were:

  • Levon Agamirov, the professor of the Scientific-Technological Innovation Center of Energy Saving Technologies
  • Ekaterina Zhigulina - docent of the Industrial Heat Engineering Systems Department
  • Irina Kulik – the FSAMP project manager, MPEI coordinator of international projects

Sapienza University of Rome is a relatively new partner of MPEI and the cooperation between the two Universities is flourishing now.

During the visit the MPEI representatives were involved in a serie of events including the planned works and internship along with the colleagues from other Universities. Thus they have fulfilled the schedule of the Fsamp project and its topics such as: new aspects of the education, collaboration with the industrial partners, investigation of the accidents, control, meteorologic issues and, overall, applied safety technics.

During the internship a a tour around Sapienza was organized. The guests visited the laboratory complex of the engineering in mechanics and aero-cosmic domains, a part of the Project and Facility Construction Faculty. The meetings and discussions were also held with the representatives of aero-cosmic and aviation engineering: professor Giuliano Coppotelli, professor Claudio Scarponi, professor Antonio D’Andrea, professor Mauro Valorani, professor Riccardo Patriarca and other scientists.

In frames of the visit the meeting for the coordinators of the Erasmus+ Rome and Moscow programs: Irina Kulik and Graciella Gallone was organized by our Italian partners. The representatives confirmed that though European Committee has not given the financial support for the 2017/2018 academic mobility programs between Sapienza University of Rome and MPEI, the representatives of the Italian University are keen to organize the mobility processes mutually with MPEI and to find the new ways of collaboration inframes of Erasmus+. Apart from that at present in Sapienza and MPEI it is being discussed to create academic mobility for the teaching staff and students on an exchange base.

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