Peter Hiller is MPEI Honorary Professor


​On the 24th of October, 2017 the ceremony of delivery of the diploma "MPEI Honorary Professor" to Doctor Peter Hiller - Head of the Moscow Department of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) took place.

By the aid of Mr. Hiller a number of communications and projects between MPEI and various universities of Germany are successfully developing. So, students of MPEI – TU Ilmenau Double diploma program get grants for participation in the TU Ilmenau summer schools and annual training on the Master's programme in Germany. Moreover class reunions usually take place in Moscow with DAAD assistance, many years DAAD staff holds the presentations about receiving of DAAD grants for training and scientific traineeship in Germany at "The German engineering department MPEI – TU Ilmenau". Totally more than 1000 MPEI students participated in this program, and 160 out of them gained their second diploma – TU Ilmenau diploma.

MPEI is the only Russian technical university where there is DAAD lecturer. Mr. Hiller visited MPEI several times, participated in the presentations for MPEI students and professors; he was the external speaker at conferences and symposiums of our university.

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